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Kelo ja kallio Adventures

Wellcome on our site.

We in Kelo ja kallio Adventures will be more than pleased to see You as our guest, participating our climbing, abseiling, hiking and kayaking trips or shorter sessions.

With us You will see the best parts of Pirkanmaa, the region around the city of Tampere.

You`ll also be in very safe hands while trying some high adventures on nearby cliffs, or paddling offshore the beautiful lakes next to Tampere. Or maybe on the edge of Pyynikki observation tower, where we offer You an opportunity to charge Yourself by abseiling the tower wall.

Our name, Kelo ja kallio, means an aged, graysided pinetree and a cliff; You will have a fine chance to spot both of them on our trips.

On this site You will find the most interesting activities of our range described in english. Also You`ll find some price, starting level and schedule information, and our contact and reservation information.

Welcome to experience beautiful Finland with Kelo ja kallio Adventures!

Eero Suvela

Kelo ja kallio Adventures

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